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Windows Phone 7 Advertising SDK upgrading to 7.1 Test Mood and Advertising change AdControl does not contain Test Mode

Recently i upgraded a windows phone project from 7.0 sdk to 7.1 and i got this error the Adcontrol.TestMode cannot be resolved this is the message 'Microsoft.Advertising.Mobile.UI.AdControl' does not contain a definition for 'TestMode'
The solution i found here was all because the the SDK itself has changed
you have to set the ApplicationId and UnitId properties manualy as follows
adControl.ApplicationId = "test_client";
adControl.AdUnitId = "Image480_80";
// Use your real Application ID and Ad Unit ID here
adControl.ApplicationId = "34fg678a-de7s-67ad-0988-9876543g1h43";
adControl.AdUnitId = "12345";

pieace a cake !!!
here is the link to all changes


  1. Thank you very much forthis writeup. It was helpful for me.



    1. Nothing makes me happier than to help other, and i am really glad that i was of a help to you,

      Mohammed Ezzat Awad

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