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How to upgrade an existing Windows Phone OS 7.0 Project to Windows phone 7.1 Mango (7.5 Platform)

  1. Open the Windows Phone OS 7.0 “Silverlight XNA Classlibrary etc ..” project you want to upgrade in Visual Studio.
  2. In Solution Explorer Right-click the project and select Upgrade to Windows Phone 7.1 in
  1. On the Project right click menu, select the Properties then a properties window will appear or just select the project and hit Alt+Enter.
  2. On Target Windows Phone OS Version drop-down list change the selected option to Windows Phone OS 7.1.
Here is a screen shot of the Properties window and how to upgrade .

  1. You might be required to add windows phone 7.1 SDK to the project manually if you use the 7.1 functionality.
  2. You might also need to update the capabilities in the application manifest file., see Application Manifest for Windows Phone 7 and How to Determine Application Capabilities ?.


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