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For the best managers what does they do to help their underlings and Co-Workers

Based on the wise words of MB I am writing this blog which should not be of technical relevance at all so if you were expecting something technical sorry to disappoint you, I have been reading a lot on this and here is some of what I have earned from reading J

Ok now for what is to be said

In any work environment there is a two distinctive class of employees, Top performers and strugglers , which of them should you spend more time with, how to treat your employees and co-workers, what should you get if you were to spend time with the top performers over the strugglers. Let’s talk about these and see how it goes from here.

First, your top performers and your strugglers, who of them you should spend time with and why let’s take every choice and see what we get from each.
  • Let’s start by spending more time with your strugglers and by that you would be seeking both or one of two things control or mentorship because they still need to be controlled and still need to learn. What are you getting from this? You can know why certain systems are hard to operate and a lot of stuff on why failure happens, after a few years you find yourself being very articular about how failure happens, you can even write articles on how a company could fail or employees or something like that. But you have taken yourself very far apart from your role as a leader or as a manager or supervisor which is to success, to top perform, to transform every employee’s talent into performance, beside if performing the best for an employee means less time devotion from you “does this sound right to you if you were an underling if I do my best I will get less time devotion from my manager?” if your convinced that this is the wrong way then you should take a look at the other one and if not then you should look at the better way.
  • Spending more time with your top performers, Learning what is there secret, what is it that thing that makes them special, how they transform their talent and skills into performance, focus on their strengths that makes them better and make them unique. You will understand that this well help you understand more about the secrets to their success, why are they so good at what they do, how you gonna do that simple, be the recorder, record everything they do observe and record, do not interfere, and after you spend the time with analyze that recording step by step surely you will figure out. Probably you would just say then why don’t I just ask them, well most of them don’t know why they are so good even if they do they only know one or two things but they don’t know the rest which is your job to figure.

How to treat you underlings and co-workers?

Trust! The magic word in building relations with you co-workers and underlings, first of all it is earned not given, some managers would choose to earn it by establishing boundaries between there underlings trust out of respect rule, and some others by building one to one relationships, and boy it is hard to earn for some, for instance a suspicious manager, since trust is a mutual feeling someone who cannot trust some will never earn anyone’s trust.
Treat! people as you would like to be treated or treat people as they would like to be treated which of them would you go for and why? Lets again try each of them.
  • Treat people as you would like to be treated? For the first glance this look awesome but it is not as it looks to be, how?  Ok let me demonstrate this using a simple example, imagine a kid who got his mother a toy truck on her birthday as gift because that is what he wants to have if it was his birthday. Everyone is unique to his nature, non is a like, once said by the famous Oscar Wild : ”truth only seizes to be truth when two persons accept it” this means that everyone has his own truth his own vision that he sees things through and nobody else shares it with him .So you cannot treat people as you would like to be treated cause they simply want and need to be treated else way. 
  • So it is treat them how they would like to be treated then, but how will I know. Simply ask, ask people how they would like to be treated ?, this requires a very close eye and relation building work but what else could u do as a manger to employees than motivate them and convert their positive energy into performance.


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